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Find out how our data-driven software and analytics expertise and solutions have helped our customers solve problems and generate value for their organizations.

Netze BW GmbH Project Cover Picture

AI-based analysis of low-voltage grid data

#TimeSeries #DataAnalytics #ElectricVehicles #Photovoltaics #Python

As one of the largest distribution system operators (DSO) in Germany, Netze BW GmbH is at the forefront of the transformation in the energy sector. Gathering insights on their networks’ operation is crucial in order to ensure stability in the electricity grid and accommodate decentralized power generation and new consumer types such as electric vehicles and heat pumps. Reasonance developed a data analytics solution which analyzes time series data from transformer stations in the low voltage grid, where visibility for the DSO is traditionally low, that is able to detect relevant events and classify consumer and generator types, deriving important information for the electricity grid operation.

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Gradyent B.V. Project Cover Picture
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District heating network optimization

#CognitiveTwin #AI #Optimization #Python #AWS

Gradyent B.V. is a company from the Netherlands that offers a cloud-based solution that optimizes district heating networks in near real-time, by reducing heat losses and thus cost and CO2 emissions for the operating company. Reasonance has worked on the development of Gradyent’s system – building up the AI-core component, which consists of a cognitive twin of the heat network, capable of simulating the network’s condition, forecasting the heat demand and performing optimization based on streaming sensor data. The final product is a fully operational and scalable cloud solution used by some of the largest energy companies in Europe.

BIM CAD Project Cover Picture

Automated data generation and validation for a CAD/BIM library

#ProcessAutomation #QualityAssurance #Python #DataWrangling #CADBIMProductData

Our customer offers a versatile product range of various built-in parts worldwide. Their customers can navigate through the various products on an online platform and view detailed descriptions of the individual fixtures. Likewise, the products including the respective attributes can be exported in various degrees of detail and integrated into the CAD/BIM software. Reasonance developed a data wrangling solution to automatically combine data from different sources, ensure data quality and inform system operators about inconsistent, incomplete or invalid product data, and prepare the data for the visualization within individual country product programs of our customer.

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AI based grid planning

#Optimization #AI #ProcessAutomation #LowVoltageGrid

DUINN B.V. is a Dutch company, working as a consultancy with focus in the energy domain. In order to address the challenges of electricity network planning, DUINN partnered with Reasonance to evaluate the use of machine learning and optimization algorithms in order to support and automate some of the processes involved. The tool, based on deep reinforcement learning and classic optimization approaches, was developed for a large european distribution system operator (DSO) allowing for a more optimized grid design, resulting in reduction in investment, operational and maintenance costs for the energy company.