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Reasonance ATLAS is a platform that enables organizations to bring data intensive and machine learning solutions in productive use. Deployed in any cloud environment or locally for sensitive data applications, the platform reduces the time for development, testing, evaluation and serving of ML models and pipelines. Automate and standardize processes and build your applications in a fault-tolerant, scalable, extendable and secure way. Explore the benefits of ATLAS for your organization.

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Deploy your data-driven solutions with few clicks only

Use your existing code base, extend it with pre-built modules and define your data pipelines. The process from training, deployment to continuous data injection works fully automated with few clicks. Reasonance ATLAS will help you accelerate the time to value of your solutions and products.

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Manage the full ML Ops life cycle of your applications

Train, evaluate and run your models, code and pipelines in a contained environment and build reproducible and testable ML-software. Model and infrastructure versioning guarantee consistency and transparency for your evolving ML applications. Monitor the performance of your operational ML models and manage all relevant ML artifacts in your application to bridge the gap between data teams and business stakeholders.

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Scale up as your application grows

Use the resources that your application requires and scale it up as it grows. Our solution scales your hardware workload so that you use only as much resources as needed, but enough to complete your tasks efficiently.

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Reduce risk and costs of your projects

Use the inbuilt functionality of Reasonance ATLAS as a foundation for data intensive projects in your organization. Minimize the risk and reduce the cost of your projects by accelerating the development cycle and seamlessly managing infrastructure and resources to avoid bottlenecks in operations and team productivity.

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Flexible and robust framework to ensure flawless functionality

Due to the modular structure of our platform, you can assemble your solution building block by building block and will not be overloaded with unnecessary functionality. No matter if on premise or in the cloud, Reasonance ATLAS offers the flexibility and security your organization needs. Overall, our fault-tolerant system provides you with a robust foundation that keeps you informed about system health and unexpected behavior and reduces the risk of potential downtimes.

Platform Features

The Reasonance ATLAS Platform offers a large number of functionalities that are key for a frictionless ML Ops process. Automating and structuring tasks required for developing, testing, deploying and managing data intensive applications means rapid operationalization of machine learning solutions. With a number of prebuilt components that are ready to be deployed our platform sets the ground for a more contained process within your organization where your focus can be more on developing your core application and less on managing and implementing additional complex processes. Independent of the type and size of your organization, Reasonance ATLAS offers a highly functional, performant and scalable framework to help you bring data-driven solutions to life.

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AI & Data Pipelines

Handling sequential data processing steps includes a number of challenges in operational use. Through our solution, your pipelines and models are versioned and validated. Furthermore, significant deviations of your models and data are detected. This provides you with a robust framework that allows you to efficiently put your data-driven applications into operation and keep them running efficiently in the long run.

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Data Management

Companies often operate a complex and distributed data landscape. Data and databases exist in different formats, have different schemas and diverge in their individual properties. Our solution helps you navigate through the complex data landscape. Our abstraction layer allows you to access data and databases in any format, visualize them and intuitively capture their key figures. Interfaces also allow you to directly use your existing data sources as input and output for your data pipelines.

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API Integration

Interfaces allow different applications to interact. We allow you to expose your applications in our platform via automatically generated interfaces within your IT environment and to access interfaces within your IT environment directly. In addition, interfaces for your data pipelines are created automatically so that you can integrate the sample code directly into your applications, allowing you to smoothly embed the applications on our platform into your environment.

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Managing complex IT applications often involves hurdles. How can different levels of abstraction be implemented for different user roles? How can applications and data be shared efficiently within and across companies? How can the system state be monitored even if individual applications fail?

Our solution answers these questions. Our dashboard allows you to directly view system health and potential failures. Different business roles such as a business analyst or a data scientist can be supported by different system roles to do their work efficiently. Individual logging, reporting and alerting settings keep you up to date on the tasks that are relevant to you and tell you in near real-time when your tasks have been successfully completed and if any problems occur.

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Application Store

Our store helps you keep track of which applications are deployed in your and your customer’s environments. You can access a wide range of components and applications and install them with the right settings for you at the click of a button. Your own applications can be integrated seamlessly and shared across companies if desired. You can also efficiently import new updates and run different versions in parallel.

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