Software Engineering

Reasonance offers software design and development in the form of custom solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We transform analytics and machine learning solutions into software applications that are shipped either as desktop or web applications or can be integrated into the current ecosystem as custom APIs. We follow modern and agile work methodologies, when this is beneficial to the project, to develop in a customer-centric and test-driven environment being able to validate concepts at an early stage and iterate quickly based on your feedback.

System Analysis and Requirements Engineering

We evaluate existing systems and environments together with customers to obtain a deeper understanding about current processes and how your team interacts with these systems. We build our software on existing ecosystems, if possible, to ensure a smooth transition towards new solutions. To enhance the functionality and improve quality, we discuss and evaluate further functional and nonfunctional requirements with your company such that they are clear, consistent, measurable, and maintainable throughout the entire project.

System Design and Architecture

We then design a system and draft a software architecture satisfactory to the determined requirements. In order to create a foundation for different roles including business and tech teams, we create architecture UML diagrams demonstrating the different components of the system and how they interact with each other. Also, diagrams demonstrate the complexity of the target and the integration into the current system. Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we estimate needed efforts and development costs for individual components of the target system. This groundwork gives your business a detailed plan about how software fulfilling the requirements will look like and what it takes to integrate it into the given ecosystem.

Software Development and Deployment

Reasonance offers expertise in developing software solutions with agile methodologies to iterate quickly and contain risk. Starting with proof of concept solutions, we integrate further functionality into the application using an iterative approach. This approach lowers the risk for your company as a proof of concept determines its feasibility at an early stage. We focus on functional software that can be used for evaluation together with your company and get adopted based on the feedback received. The customer-centric approach ensures that, beside agreeing on defined requirements, our products fit to your needs and can be used and integrated within the given resources.

We provide custom solutions for your needs by transforming analytics, digital transformation, and machine learning applications into software applications that can be used as desktop or web applications. Also, we offer custom APIs that can be integrated into the existing ecosystem. Our large technology stack enables us the flexibility to use programming languages and frameworks your company is comfortable to use, maintain, and adopt further, also considering licenses your company already possesses or may need to acquire.

Using test driven development, we implement software with high quality standards in order to build secure and robust applications, and prevent unintended runtime behavior for your company. Investigating edge cases such as unintended user input, network timeouts or unexpected data inconsistencies ensures that the application stays stable even in critical situations and notifies your team rather than stopping service.

In addition, we integrate our solutions to the targeted ecosystem after successful implementation. This means, for instance, that the application gets installed and set up on local computers and other devices or deployed using cloud infrastructure. For more information regarding cloud infrastructure, please our cloud engineering services.

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