Maintenance and Support

Going beyond the shipment of our products, we provide support and maintenance to ensure that our solutions create long-term value to our customers. We enhance our solutions with real-time monitoring capabilities so that our clients can keep track of performance and operation. Through different options for support and maintenance, we make sure that you can select a plan that is fitting to your requirements and organization.

Rollout Support

We support companies not only during the implementation phase of the product. Moreover, we also create and follow a rollout plan to ensure that this crucial milestone is achieved in a fully-controlled manner. In addition, we provide detailed documentation to guarantee a seamless handover for our customers. Also, we offer knowledge sharing in the sense of trainings and workshops to support employees in getting started using our software.

System Monitoring and Reporting

To ensure the health of the software and the underlying ecosystem, we provide detailed system monitoring and reporting for our solutions during runtime. In this way, customers can detect unintended system behavior and possible errors in the system in real-time and get notified based on custom notification settings. In addition, our solutions monitor resource usage and performance to detect possible further support or maintenance needs.

Maintenance and Support Plans

We provide plans for support and maintenance tailored to customers’ needs. Our support plans include critical fixes and redeployment, and feedback in case of unexpected or unintended system behavior. This allows your company fast and efficient problem solving. We also provide additional implementation resources in case of possible system enhancements. For further requests, for instance in the sense of new features or code adoptions, please reach out to us directly. We are happy to discuss individual plans and find the right one for your business.

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