Digital Strategy and Consulting

The adoption of data-driven technologies, processes and tools creates a competitive advantage for companies in a rapidly moving global market. However, organizations often face difficulties on their digital transformation journey. The lack of problem understanding, change management and a clear vision are the main challenges for businesses, undertaking or planning to undertake digital transformation initiatives. Our team of consultants with experience in enterprises across different industries offers strategic and executive support for defining and implementing every step of your digital agenda. Reasonance is your partner throughout all phases of digital transformation.


Specifying the relevant problems, opportunities and stakeholders is the first step of a successful business endeavor. In close collaboration with our clients we collect and evaluate information on the current state of the company. We conduct interviews with key actors within the organization, leveraging our technical and management expertise. As a result, we identify the pain points and summarize the optimization potentials, which can be improved through data-driven solutions. The findings of this in-depth diagnosis are then presented in an executive report, based on the performance objectives and goals of the company. This is a decisive input for defining a digital strategy.


Using the results of the discovery phase, we work together with our customers to prioritize the identified business problems and decide on a long-term digital strategy. Our technical competence allows us to shape a clear vision when exploring the complexities of optimization potentials and the interdependencies between them. The resulting strategic agenda is then to be transformed into an actionable plan.


To ensure a successful digital transformation, it is essential to derive a discrete number of prioritized projects from the digital strategy. Aiming to solve a concrete problem or create new value, each of these digital transformation projects is based on its own goal, required resources, and acceptance and fail criteria. Reasonance partners with you to tailor a concrete actionable plan for every milestone of your digital strategy and help you achieve the desired outcome. The resulting plan focuses on the following fundamentals:

  • Scope and goal of the project
  • Deliverables and deadlines
  • Process
  • Budget and resources allocation
  • Acceptance criteria definition
  • Risk management through MVP definition and agile methods
  • Change management

The actionable plan is then taken in the next phase to execution by our team of engineers and consultants.

Execute and Deliver

Execution is the most complex part of a digital transformation effort. Our role as technical experts includes research, engineering, and most importantly creating real value for companies by taking our solutions into production. Moreover, we offer diligent project management based on transparent communication to ensure progress according to the set actionable plan. Our technical and management expertise allows us to anticipate challenges and proactively solve problems, steering the project towards success. To find out more about the technical realization of potential projects, please review the other services in our portfolio.

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