Data Management and Architecture

Data management and infrastructure are the backbones of the data-driven digital enterprise. Adopting the right data management strategy and governance process helps increase process efficiency, mitigates legal exposure due to regulatory requirements, and reduces the operational risk caused by data loss, corruption, leakage, or unwanted change. Our team will design the proper data management strategy and data governance process for your organization. Compliant with those results, our data engineers will design and implement an architecture that is built for the use cases of your business. Partnering with you, we will assist with the adoption and change management across the enterprise.

Data Audit

To specify the data architecture and governance process requirements for your organization, a thorough data audit is a mandatory first step. The data assessment results will also facilitate internal visibility and understanding of the challenges and potentials at hand, paving the way for novel business models. Furthermore, Reasonance will assess the data quality, security, storage, and backup strategy requirements based on the perceived legal and operational risks. The resulting data audit artifacts provide the necessary transparency and visibility to all stakeholders, required during the decision-making process. Last but not least, working with the data master dictionary increases cross-team performance.

Data Strategy and Governance

The goal of a well-defined data strategy is to improve all of the ways an organization acquires, stores, manages, shares, and uses data. Our consultants will help you create a data strategy that is aligned with your overall business strategy. This will improve visibility of ongoing efforts preventing duplication of effort and facilitate reuse of assets and resources between organizational units. Furthermore, the strategy defines cross-cutting data related processes across the organization, providing guidelines and requirements for using, manipulating, and managing your data assets. Those processes are the foundation of your data governance process, which mitigates operation and legal risks. Having the data strategy and governance in place, your organization is ready to start to collect, store, manage, provision, and share data internally and externally, generating value. The Reasonance consultants are here to define your data strategy and governance, abstracting away the technical aspects and thus making those future-proof and generalizable beyond technology.

Data Architecture

Compliant with your data strategy, our team designs the data architecture for your specific use case at hand, according to the integration requirements of existing systems and environment. Creating the right data architecture for your project will also ensure that the performance, security, and backup requirements for your system get met. Besides the data interfaces between internal and external systems, we define the necessary data pipelines for data processing and plan the data storage according to the data characteristics. As part of the core data architecture, the required data models and transformations guarantee seamless integration between the data processing components, data lakes, stores, and caches. For your mission-critical applications, our team will design the appropriate architecture meeting additional fault tolerance and high availability criteria.

Implementation and Adoption

A good architecture, strategy, or process is good as long as it gets implemented. We understand the importance of realizing this so it can benefit your organization by creating additional capabilities, providing required functionalities, and streamlining the internal processes. For that reason, our engineers will implement the specified architecture in your preferred environment whether cloud- or local-based. To guarantee a smooth transition towards a data-driven organization, we take care of change management, training, and support for your teams. Reasonance is your partner throughout the adoption phase ensuring sustainable results.

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