Cloud Engineering

Leveraging cloud solutions allows organizations to operate scalable applications with greater flexibility and availability. Reasonance evaluates with your company the potential advantages and disadvantages together with potential applications of cloud computing depending on the existing environment, business requirements, and goals. We apply our expertise in cloud computing and cloud-native development to implement cloud-based applications leveraging opportunities of cloud computing such as parallel processing and microservices leading to applications that are efficient, maintainable, and integrable into existing solutions.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud services provide advantages over local computing such as scalability, flexibility, and availability, but also raise questions. Organizations want to ensure that their data is safe and secure, and cannot be accessed by others. Also, while local servers are often used, switching to cloud resources may lead to additional costs. Together with your business, we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud architectures compared to local hosting for your processes. We evaluate different providers and architectures and provide detailed recommendations, whether and why cloud solutions will or will not be beneficial for your business and its current and future use cases.

Cloud Computing

Training and evaluating machine learning models often requires large computational resources and parallel processing. While local infrastructure usually is not able to handle this task efficiently, cloud infrastructure allows training and evaluating models efficiently in a parallelized environment using multiple processing units. Our expertise enables us to leverage the advantages of cloud computing by implementing software in a cloud-optimized way to improve the cost efficiency for your business relying on the advantages of cloud-native development.

Cloud Native Development

Cloud-native development describes the benefits of focusing on the development of cloud applications and cloud infrastructure. Building software on the foundation of cloud infrastructure leads to benefits that can be leveraged during development. Containerizing components enables request infrastructure and executes applications on-demand. The individual components can be integrated into data processing pipelines that ensure each step is executed properly and meets the wanted requirements.

Continuous integration and deployment allow making applications accessible in minutes and automate software tests guaranteeing software quality and efficient maintainability. Using modern approaches such as serverless and lambda architectures, together with established approaches, we provide expertise in microservices and service-oriented architecture and evaluate together with your business which cloud architecture fits the desired goals.

For information regarding how your organization can maintain cloud applications and how we can support you in this matter, please see our maintenance and support services or contact us directly.

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