Digital transformation is a challenge that organizations from all industries will eventually face. It creates new channels for growth and revenue, but the degree of impact it has on the competitive advantage gained is highly dependent on the specific industry sector. To realize the new potential, a combination of domain expertise and a deep understanding of the latest digital trends and technologies is required. This is what distinguishes companies that undergo the digital transformation process successfully. Reasonance works with organizations from various industries on their toughest challenges, creating custom solutions that drive digital transformation.

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Power and Utilities

The power and utilities sector is facing a significant transformation. Decentralized renewable power generation and consumer types, such as electric vehicles, pose new challenges on the electricity grid. Digital technologies and an ever-evolving customer profile create a much more complex and competitive business environment.

In order to ensure secure, sustainable, and sufficient use of systems and resources, organizations need to adopt new technologies and develop additional capabilities. The digital transformation of energy grids opens up new data sources. This provides, for example, more granular insights for the operation of electrical grids and energy networks. As a result, new data-driven business models and use cases are introduced. These potentials require significant efforts towards building and maintaining the IT and data infrastructure.

Reasonance helps distribution system operators, utility companies, and contractors develop customer-tailored digital solutions, services, and products for data analysis, network planning, flow optimization, demand forecasting, and more.

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Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector is highly competitive. High material and components costs, as well as regulations, set a large number of constraints for businesses and their operations. Data-driven analysis and optimization techniques have proven to be an integral part on the way to the digital transformation.

The role of Reasonance is to assist businesses in their quest for more optimal and sustainable manufacturing processes. This is achieved by automation of certain steps in the product design process by developing complete solutions and their integration in existing environments. Furthermore, data analytics of process and manufacturing data could be applied to gain insights and indicate potential cost-reducing measures. Operationalization of such analytics solutions can create new capabilities and enhance existing real-time manufacturing control systems.

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Media and Text

The media industry is a source of vast amounts of text data. Social media and other media and publishing companies generate information that is relevant and must be acted upon by decision-makers. This requires on the one hand a solid data management infrastructure from the side of the media companies but it also opens up opportunities for text data analysis. A multitude of services from various industries nowadays rely on text data. The ability to analyze these large quantities of data and extract relevant information from multiple sources is key.

Reasonance offers services in the field of Natural Language Processing including sentiment analysis as well as integration of text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and video transcription solutions for media companies and publishers.

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Computer vision and image processing are used in medical applications to assist physicians in performing early detection of major diseases. Extracting features and analyzing image and video data has the potential to help automate the detection of certain diseases and thus reach more patients. Such novel approaches could help identify cases where the immediate help of medical health professionals may be required.

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But not limited to…


Reasonance offers data science and machine learning solutions to customers from other domains and industries as well. We are always looking to further expand our portfolio, so if you are interested or have a request, please contact us.